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Meet the gastronomic world at EBBE - Chef's Counter.

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Let Chef Ebbe take you on an incredible
multi-course tasting experience.
With 2 fixed menus that features all the best seasonal ingredients

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Tasting Menu 2024

The best seasonal ingredients refined in the kitchen by Chef Ebbe and his team.

Free wheeling, from fantastic Florida to essential Scandinavia,
our combinations aim to tantalize the taste buds and scintillate the senses.

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Dietary restrictions?
We’ll do our best to accommodate them.
E-mail us at and we’ll let you know
if we are able to modify our menu.

We cannot accommodate menu changes without advanced notice.

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It can be hard to describe what you have experienced.
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Signature - Tastes by Ebbe

We have a kitchen studio that is constantly evolving for new tastes. It's inspiring for us to develop the kitchen together with my guests; We must widen our view, and our guests want to experience the "new". We find new tastes and share our lust for new experiences under the same roof at Signature - Tastes by Ebbe.

At the Signature, you can find kitchen gadgets and invitations to exclusive on-off dinners of fresh tasting experiences.

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EBBE - Chef's Counter

1202 N Franklin St, Tampa, Florida