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Growing up in the small village of Hörby, south of Sweden, Ebbe's interest in food grew strong at his Grandma’s hostelry. As a kid, he was often helping out with the dishes. It came naturally for him to cover for a chef on sick leave when he was asked to do so in his early teens. His journey towards becoming a chef of his own restaurant had started.  

At the age of 16, Ebbe moved to London to work for the best chefs and gain experience in the finest restaurants. After honing his skills under the tutelage of renowned chefs at the time, then gaining further experience in Singapore, he returned to Sweden to start his own restaurant. He co-founded Vollmers with his brother, a fine dining establishment that embodies his philosophy of simplicity. This distinctive approach to dining earned the restaurant its first Michelin star in 2015, followed by a second in 2017.

Ebbe refines flavours. When visiting his restaurants, you will be guided on a journey and offered a unique culinary experience. Unleashing the full potential of the ingredients, Ebbe honours their uniqueness by keeping the processing to a minimum and combining them with a refined simplicity. He works with exceptional and sustainable products, always locally produced. Ebbe is a passionate chef who always encourages cross-over among different culinary cultures by inviting him to different types of chef dinners and exchanges around the globe. With his more than 30 years of experience, he inspires other chefs to expand their horizons and become more courageous.

Ebbe established his most recent restaurant concept, EBBE — Chef's Counter, Tampa, Florida. In 2024, it earned a Michelin star.


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EBBE - Chef's Counter

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